Orlando Back Injury Accident Lawyer

Back injured in an auto accident or slip and fall in Florida?   Back injuries cases are complicated. You need an experienced personal injury attorney to help you deal with insurance companies and help you fight for compensation.

Helping Orlando Back Injury & Spine Injury Accident Victims


A back injury can be one of the most difficult legal matters to deal with in the personal injury field.  Insurance Orlando back injury attorneycompanies almost always attempt to pay as little as possible for what they call “soft tissue injuries”… injuries that require chiropractic treatment, injuries that are not visible on an x-ray (and yet the pain you feel is real), and even serious injuries that require surgery.

When you have been injured in a car accidentmotorcycle accident, or truck accident, it’s possible your injury or injuries include a serious back or neck injury. Jeremiah Jaspon at The Jaspon Firm is an experienced car accident back injury lawyer and can help you get the compensation needed for the losses and injuries caused by your accident.

Injuries to the spine are very serious. When a vertebrae and disc is crushed or displaced, they are no longer protecting the individual’s central nervous system in the spinal cord. There are thousands of spinal cord injuries that occur every year because of trauma due to auto accidents. There are several different types of spine, back and neck injuries that can occur.

They are commonly described as:

Cervical Injuries – An injury to the neck that effect the nerves that control the head, neck, shoulders, arms and hands. Serious enough a cervical injury can easily paralyze most of an accident victim’s body.

Thoracic Injuries – An injury to the upper mid back generally affecting the spinal nerves that control an individual’s chest, organs and circulatory system. A severe thoracic spine injury can result in paralysis of the lower body.

Lumbar Injuries – An injury to the lower back affecting the spinal nerves that control parts of the back, legs, and abdomen.

Sacral Injuries – An injury to the lower section of the spine, affecting the nerves that affect and control the thighs, feet and lower extremities.

When an accident occurs and an individual’s back is injured, treatments are generally extensive and can be ongoing and if a spinal cord injuries is evident life changing issues with which the victim must deal.

An experienced attorney is required in these type of cases to ensure that you are represented properly. A lifetime of healthcare costs for living with a back or spinal cord injury can be very high. Having a skilled spinal cord injury attorney on your side will ensure you receive proper compensation. It’s valuable to the injured victim and family members supporting them to have an experienced legal advocate on their side. This allows them to focus on healing.

At The Jaspon Firm., we have fought these battles with some of the biggest insurance companies in the world and we have won!  Take my word for it. You do not want to go to war with these insurance companies unprepared.  In order to get the compensation you are entitled to under the law, you need an experienced trial attorney who know his way around a court room.  That is who I am!  I Jeremiah Jaspon know all about back and spinal cord injuries and their effects, including herniated discs, bulging discs, fractured vertebrae, pinched nerves and all levels of back injuries.  I understand what our clients go through with surgery, physical therapy, recovery and getting back to maximum medical improvement.  Remember, it doesn’t cost you anything to hire The Jaspon Firm and I only get paid if I get money for you!  To speak directly with me, Jeremiah Jaspon call (407) 513-9515 I will be very happy to help you.