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Car Accidents Involving Elderly Drivers

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The state of Florida is known to have many elderly drivers. Everyone gets older, it’s natural. With getting older, we start to lose mental and physical abilities. With this in mind, many elderly motorists are more susceptible to being involved in car accidents. A few of the characteristics of aging that can effect an elderly person’s ability to drive are:

  • Delayed and slow reactions
  • Vision issues
  • Hearing issues
  • Depth perception issues
  • Concentrating difficulties
  • Medication side effects
  • Health impairments
  • Inability to turn head

State and national statistics show that the many of the drivers over the age of 55 are actually the “at fault” party when they are involved in automobile accidents. It is important to remember that regardless of your age, an “at fault” driver many times can be held liable for injuries caused by negligent actions. Reckless driving by an elderly driver or any aged driver causes injuries and deaths on our Florida roadways.

Examples of reckless driving would include:

  • Failure to stay in lane
  • Mistakenly pressing the wrong pedal (gas or brake)
  • Driving too fast or driving too slow
  • Backing up without looking
  • Refusal to yield right of way
  • Failure to stop at intersections

Car accidents occur and do not discriminate in regards to age. With one person’s lack of judgment, lives can be altered for a lifetime. It is important that elderly drivers are sure they are up to the task of driving when they get behind the wheel of an automobile, motorcycle, truck or SUV. If the drive results in an injury or death, the injured person and or family may bring legal action to recover damages for such injuries or even bring forth a wrongful death suit. The law holds no exceptions for age when it comes to compensation for accident victims. Compensation could include medical expenses, loss of income, pain and suffering and funeral expenses to name just a few.

Elderly Drivers and Being Responsible – Taking the Keys from Senior Drivers

Driving a car is something many of us take for granted. It is a form of independence and allows us to get even the simplest of tasks done like going the grocery store or drug store. It is a fact that 14 million drivers have been involved in car accidents caused by elderly drivers. No one wants our parents or grandparents to be involved in an auto accident. No one wants someone else to be injured or be killed because of an elderly driver. The problem is real and as people are living longer they are also driving much later in life.

Who is the one to decide for the elderly that it is time to stop driving? It is not something that we want to do, but many times it is the safest for all parties involved, for both the elderly and the other drivers on the roadways. It’s not an easy task to ask your mother, father, grandfather or grandmother to turn over their keys because they are simply too old to drive. Many times a doctor or medical professional may intervene and suggest that an elderly driver turn over the car keys.

In the state of Florida, many people are faced with dealing with this problem. The state of Florida is known to have many elderly drivers. Plain and simple elderly drivers are more susceptible to being involved in car accidents. State and national statistics have shown that in many of the car accidents that involve an elderly driver, most of the at-fault parties are the elderly drivers.

If you have an elderly family member, be responsible. Make sure the senior driver you know is up to the task of operating a motor vehicle safely. Remember, save lives. Take the keys away from an older driver and do everyone a favor if they are not able to safely operate that car. Family members owe it to their parents and grandparents to watch out for their safety.

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