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Florida’s crowded roads and highways make for a perfect recipe for pile-up car accidents. These accidents generally occur on major highways and can be one of the worst forms of accidents. Pile-up accidents tend to occur during bad weather or during low-visibility conditions. During such conditions, cars, SUV’s, motorcycles, trucks, and buses oftentimes drive too close to one another. It’s like a chain reaction… one vehicle experiences a problem, or the driver makes a quick stop or maneuver and the vehicles following behind are not able to react in time. Drivers will swerve into oncoming traffic involving both directions of traffic. As the vehicles continue to rear-end each other, more and more vehicles are involved. It is not unheard of to have more than a hundred cars in a pile-up accident.

Pile-up accidents many times are deadly automobile accidents. Vehicles smashed from the front and from behind creating an almost solid area of crushed vehicles. This type of accident pile-up is deadly because it makes escaping very difficult. Some drivers may survive the initial impact but can be killed because of residual effects such as fire or additional impacts such as cars spinning, being smashed from all sides, vehicles rolling over, some on top of others. Many times a driver may exit his or her vehicle to only be hit, injured, or killed by other cars, trucks, or buses involved in the pile-up accident.

Injuries from pile-up accidents are almost always serious; and unfortunately, in many cases, deadly. Even once the pile-up has ended, accident victims can be stranded or forced to wait long periods of time for emergency responders, police, and firefighters to aid in the rescue. If a pile-up accident occurs under a bridge or in a tunnel, injuries and fatalities tend to heighten.

At The Jaspon Firm, Jeremiah Jaspon is an experienced lawyer who handles serious car accident cases in Orlando, Florida, and the surrounding areas. Jeremiah Jaspon is known for exceptional results and personal service. A chain reaction or pile-up accident are often complex accident cases and many times result in permanent injuries. Jeremiah Jaspon has the experience, skill, and knowledge necessary to identify the negligent party or parties and ensure the fullest possible compensation for accident victims and their families.

If you, a loved one, or someone you know has been involved and injured in a pile-up accident, you need a legal firm with experience and the ability to fight for you. Not just any law firm is experienced in personal injury and auto accident cases. You need a seasoned legal professional who knows the Florida laws and how to correctly navigate such a tough accident situation. The Jaspon Firm is that law firm that can fight for you and get the compensation you deserve. The Jaspon Firm provides free no-obligation consultations. So, don’t wait. Get the legal help you need and deserve from The Jaspon Firm.

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