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Have you sustained a knee injury in an accident due to negligence?   Give us a call.  We are experienced Orlando Personal Injury Attorneys helping victims in Orlando and surrounding areas.

Helping Orlando Knee Injury Accident Victims 

Knee injuries can be hard to heal and can make even the easiest daily task seem extremely difficult.  The knee contains 4 bones and many muscles, ligaments, and tendons.  Walking, sitting, getting up, kneeling down, all of our daily movements require the knee.  That is why if you have injured your knee in an accident the effects can be devastating.

It is not uncommon to need a surgery on a knee after an auto accident, motorcycle accident or truck accident.   Many times the healing process can take months if not years before you are back to normal…if that ever occurs at all.  In many cases knee injury victims miss substantial amounts of work due to pain and the inablity to walk or bare weight on the injured knee.  This will obviously create a high level of financial stress above and beyond the stress you are feeling from having a terrible injury and not being able to do what you once were able to do.  It is so important that if you are going through this that you have an experienced attorney on your side that is willing to go toe to toe in court with the biggest insurance companies in the world to protect your interests.

If you were injured due to someone else’s negligence you have a right to be compensated fairly under the law.  Please call today to speak to Jeremiah Jaspon at The Jaspon Firm… remember, the call is free.  Also, it doesn’t cost you anything to hire us.  We are only paid if we get money for you!  We look forward to helping you!

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