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Vehicular homicide, also sometimes called vehicular manslaughter, is a serious charge in which an individual  takes the life of another person(s) by use of a motor vehicle or automobile, generally caused by an accident or by recklessness and or careless unsafe driving. Wreckless driving can be due to dangerous driving or driving under the influence (DUI).  Vehicular homicide charges are extremely serious and can carry devastating penalties if there is a conviction.

Orlando Vehicular Homicide Attorney The Jaspon Firm

At The Jaspon Firm we are personal injury attorney and we represent the innocent victims families in vehicular homicide accidents.  We understand, firsthand what it’s like to lose a loved one due to vehicular homicide. Attorney’s Jeremiah Jaspon and Andrea Armas tragically lost their own niece who was killed in a car accident as a result of the negligence of another driver.  Since that tragic event, the attorney at The Jaspon Firm have been fighting diligently to represent those who have been injured in all types of vehicular accidents in the Orlando area and throughout the state of Florida.  Both Jeremiah Jaspon and Andrea Armas are dedicated to assisting and comforting both the injured and their family members during the difficult times following a tragic accident. Contact the Florida attorney at The Jaspon Firm now if you or someone you know has a loved one killed in a vehicular homicide accident. We can start helping right away.

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