Stay Well. Stay Safe. … and Drive Carefully during the COVID-19 Crisis

We all must be safe driving during this time of crisis.

It is critical that everyone that drives during the COVID-19 outbreak is extra careful. During this time of “Stay-at-home” quarantine, many of us will need to go out for groceries, take-out, to visit the pharmacist or doctor’s office. We need to be extra careful while driving. While its never a good time to be involved in an accident, now would be even worse.

Many people have jobs that are considered essential and must travel to and from work. Frontline responders including doctors, nurses, hospital staff, EMTs, police, firefighters, grocery employees, pharmacy staff, restaurant workers, truck drivers, and other essential workers need to exercise safe driving. Many workers are tired and stressed from their work duties and from what the COVID-19 crisis has brought. We all must drive carefully as no one wants to cause injuries.

If you have been involved in an accident or have been injured in the Orlando, Florida area please contact The Jaspon Firm. We can help and having an expert personal injury attorney will make everything easier.
We will all get through this and know that The Jaspon Firm is here to help.

Please be safe and stay healthy.


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